Thursday, March 31, 2011

What are your thoughts about having a daughter?

It has struck me a lot lately...having a girl will be VERY different than having a boy! I wonder all the time, what will she look like? How well will be bond? Will she fit well into our family? I can't imagine what life will really be like with another girl living in our home! I can't wait to buy PINK clothes, and baby dolls!

Then I think about Jack...oh will he adjust? We will have to say goodbye to our downtown apartment...or at least to the one we currently live in. Parking in a garage is not fun with one kiddo everyday...imagine it with two! We love having extra kids, but 24/7??? It's going to be an adjustment, but a GREAT ONE!

Adoption update, it's time to start the dossier...oh we come! What are your thoughts on having a daughter?

Check out Jack's latest skills on the drums at Rhythm...


BabyEnvy said...

I am so excited for you and your journey! Love that you're updating us all on the process - keep it up!

kimchi said...

Joy, I worried about the same thing! But I tell you I think you guys will do just fine. Girls are definitely different but it adds a nice new mix to family environment. (Lucy is definitely into more drama than Daniel EVER was but she is also funnier at times!) Jack will love her and probably be a great protective big brother. The clothes are definitely more fun to buy though! We can't wait to meet your new little girl!

Love, the Wickesberg family

Andrea said...

I think u probably know some of my feelings about having a girl! You've been there when I've gushed about it!

You will be an AMAZING Girl-Momma :)

Yay for the dossier stage!

SOOOOO relieved the Ethiopian gov't kept their act together in regards to int'l adoptions! Praise God for ALL the kiddos that will find families as a result...