Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life isn't always perfect...

Today was a breath of fresh air!  Jack and I took a day trip to the Children's Museum.  We haven't been in a few weeks, and we try to go often.  It is one of two places Jack asks to go to.  He Loves Chuck E Cheeses and The Children's Museum.

Some weeks balancing work, family, social and community can overwhelm me!  If I have a few busy days and Jack spends time with other people, he seems to be in a funk for awhile.  I wish he wouldn't be...but he is.  After we spent the day together, he seems to be turning his attitude around a little.  Being a mom is stressful, being a wife is stressful, being a business owner is ULTRA will all be worth it one day...right?!?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jack the Gangsta

Jack found his daddy's hat, and it is downhill from their!  What a goof!  He has so much personality!