Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jack's first Pacer Game

Sunday night against the Boston Celtics...we had a lot of fun!

Jack LOVED the giant slushies (not as much as Uncle John)!

Grammy and Poppy came to the game with us as well!

Favorite Pix of the night!  Jack yelling at the Pacers.

Jack had to keep Daddy up to speed on the game:)

Something was funny...not sure what, but they sure thought it was funny!

All Jack talked about was Boomer!  He was excited about seeing Boomer, until he came up our aisle.  We were only 13 rows off the ground, and Boomer came up our aisle.  Jack wanted nothing to do with him up close!

We enjoyed the time with our family!  Jack did great, and we will be back for another game!

John and Ashlee (his girlfriend)

Jack Cheesen it!

What a great family adventure!  Can't wait to go back!

Girls Gone Wild...Teenage Girls!

I had visitors last weekend!  My sister (Sarah), niece (Alexis) and her three friends Karly, Rachel and Ligxy.  They came as a thank you to Alexis.  She was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari-syndrome this year, and it has been a trying road for her!  She had to undergo surgery a few weeks ago and her friends were there for her through it all!  My sister won a limo ride at my adoption auction and she decided to plan a trip for Alexis' friends in Indy.  They are from Gaylord, MI.

They arrived around 8:30pm Friday night and we headed to the movies and saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas...good movie!

Saturday morning we took the girls to the mall and tied up some loose ends for their surprise evening!  We met the girls at P.F. Chang's for lunch, and then took them to my house to get ready.  The limo picked us up at 4:30pm.

The limo that took us around for the evening!

The first stop was at Scholar's Inn, a fantastic restaurant downtown on Mass Ave.
Did I mention the fantastic desserts they have?  Don't you wish you were there?!?

From the left Alexis, Ligxy, Rachel and Karly.  The girls had a bouquet of gerber daisies waiting on them at Scholar's Inn with a Thank you note from Alexis.

The next stop was at Silver in the City.  It is also on Mass Ave.  We picked out a silver ring for the girls earlier in the day, and they got to stop in and try them on and pick a size that fit them.  They all left with matching rings, that were super cute!

The next stop was a carriage ride around downtown.  The carriage had instruction to drop them off at Southbend Chocolate Company on the circle.  

The girls had chocolate covered strawberries and hot chocolates waiting for them at Southbend Chocolate Company...yummy!

The circle looks so beautiful downtown around Christmas!

The limo ride was fun, and it took us around downtown till our last stop...keep reading to find out where we ended up!

The last stop was at the Murat Theatre.  We saw The Lion King Play.  If you haven't been yet, you HAVE to check it out!  It was an awesome show to see, and I would highly recommend checking it out!  The costumes are worth it!  

Ligxy just couldn't resist kissing the young simba!

The end of our day consisted of the girls and I going to Cheeseburger in Paradise for appetizers.  We went there around midnight.  They had a live band, and I dared the girls to dance, and they did it!  I WISH I had my camera for that part!  They were so cute!

After CIP, we went to Meijer and played a little shopping game.  The girls broke up into teams of 2.  I gave each of them a list and some cash.  They had to collect the items and pay for them.  The first team to get back won a prize.  This was on the fly, so I bought some pez dispensers for them all.  The winners got snowman pez, and the others won Joker pez.

It was a blast of a day!  I can't believe it went so quickly!  I hope the girls will be back soon!

Girls Night Out!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jack and the Christmas Tree

Jack called the lights candles, and all he could say is "mommy, they hot."  Whenever something is hot he blows on it.  He acts like his drinks are coffee and he blows on them all the time.  Grammy drinks coffee, and he wants coffee like her.  I can't tell you the last time I had a coffee, good job Grammy!

Then Jack thought he could hide under the tree, but that didn't go so well!

I told Jack he should chill by the tree, and this is what he did:

Then I had to tickle him for being so silly!

What a cute boy!

Madagascar...Jack loved it!

You've Got to Move it, Move it!

Jack loved the movie last weekend, and he LOVES to watch the U tube video to the song!  He tries to pull it up on our computers all day long!  He is crazy, but we have a lot of fun dancing to it.

He takes after his daddy...he has some smooth moves:)
Need I same more...hehe!

Christmas Tree

Um...our Christmas tree shopping didn't go as planned!  Jack didn't feel well and John didn't, so we had to hit up Lowe's instead of the tree farm!  The tree we bought fit in the Vue with the back seat partially down, so I didn't like the Griswald's!  Stayed tuned for the finished tree:)