Friday, June 12, 2009

Adoption Update

Well, the adoption didn't take place. The birthmother changed her mind about putting her baby up for adoption right at the time of her due date. She didn't tell us, our social worker or attorney about her decision. We figure she had the baby two weeks ago, but she hasn't had any communication with us. She went into the hospital as a non-public patient so we didn't know she was there apparently. We aren't sure what happened exactly, or why she won't contact us back. It is the weirdest situation to sit with someone who swears that she's given her baby up for adoption to you in 2 weeks and then she vanishes. No contact what so ever!

That said, it is what it is. We believe our family is going to grow regardless and look forward the process. It was a devastation at first, but as time passes we have decided to push forward and research our options. I'll keep ya posted, but nothing in our immediate future right now is scheduled for our family. God has a way of doing things His own way and timing...not ours:)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life isn't always perfect...

Today was a breath of fresh air!  Jack and I took a day trip to the Children's Museum.  We haven't been in a few weeks, and we try to go often.  It is one of two places Jack asks to go to.  He Loves Chuck E Cheeses and The Children's Museum.

Some weeks balancing work, family, social and community can overwhelm me!  If I have a few busy days and Jack spends time with other people, he seems to be in a funk for awhile.  I wish he wouldn't be...but he is.  After we spent the day together, he seems to be turning his attitude around a little.  Being a mom is stressful, being a wife is stressful, being a business owner is ULTRA will all be worth it one day...right?!?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jack the Gangsta

Jack found his daddy's hat, and it is downhill from their!  What a goof!  He has so much personality!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts of the week!

Well, we have had an interesting week!  How do you know what God wants for your life?  How do you know what to do when faced with big decisions?

Trust that no matter what you face, God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Will it be hard...probably!  Will you question your decision...most of the time!  But will there be a reason you do what you do...ABSOLUTELY!

Being open and ready to take on new challenges may just prove to be AMAZING!  If we aren't open to new challenges...they may just pass us up!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Potty Training...WOW!

Jack is trying to be a "Big Boy," and go potty!  He looks the part, but doesn't act the part.

He asks for reading materials for the bathroom...I've never done it, Jake has never done it.  Where does he get this from?  If anyone out there does it and taught it to Jack Attack, please let me know.  It cracks me up!

The past few days have not gone so well with potty training! I hope the days ahead are better!  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rockstar take 2...

So...Jack knows a few other songs!  Tonight I present "I love you," typically performed by Barney...the big purple dinosaur.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jack...AKA...Rockstar Jack spent the day with Auntie Lisa, Cousins: Ali, Paige and Alec.  The cousins had school today, so Jack ran errands with Auntie Lisa, then they all went to Chuckie Cheese!  One of Jack's favorite places!

After he got home, he decided it was time to sing for us.  Cousin Ali painted his nail black like a we thought it was appropriate to make a music video!  Enjoy the song "Jesus Loves Me"...Jack Jack style!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February 2009

This past month has been a journey and a roller coaster ride!  It has been amazing to watch John and Ashlee become parents.  Audrina is a princess and we are so happy to be apart of her daily life.

Who knew our household would multiply this way...this year!  Audrina is a miracle baby.  I think it runs in the family.

Through all the changes, I'm glad they have been with us.  We are glad to have this special time with them as their family is beginning.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Audrina Mary Hughes

Announcing the beautiful:

Audrina Mary Hughes
Born 1/28/09
5lbs 11oz
20inches long

Check out how cute she is!

Proud Aunt Joy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jack is CRAZY!

Look at that big his big boy underwear!!!!  He is so funny!  He is starting preschool tomorrow, and in preparation we have been talking about it all week.  We have also started putting underwear on him while he is at home to help with potty training.

Last night he wanted to put his backpack on and he found a little purse and keys.  He gave me hugs and kisses and told me he was going to school now.  He was so stinkin cute with his half naked body and bags for school.

Jack loves his sweets, his favorite is Oreo cookies dipped in milk!  He could eat them every day!  
His shirt is one of his new favorites because it has a guitar on it.  He loves anything that has to do with music!

Jenny's Shower

Sunday I co-hosted a shower for Jenny Mehlon, and it was super cute and perfect for a baby shower.  We had Sunday afternoon tea at the L.S. Ayers Tea Room.  So cute!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this day special!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barney taught Jack the ABC's!

Jack is only two...he is so smart! Check out what Barney does for your child!

Wow! (sorry it's sideways!)

Jack's take on the Pacifier Going Away!

Jack is still getting his story straight about where his pacifiers went, but here's his best attempt.

He said he gave it to "Jenny's baby and that he is big boy."

Luv it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adoption and Jack Updates

As for the adoption update, we received a call from Bethany Adoption Agency last week.  We were given a spot in their program, but we have decided to pass on it and stay with AIAA.  We were wait listed with Bethany, and thought we would take the spot if given the opportunity.  

The Pro's to Bethany:
Local Agency
Christian Organization
They conduct the homestudy and all support is close by

The Con's to Bethany:
The home study is more expensive
It can take up to 24months to get a kiddo home
We would have to redo our home study
We can't make a gender preference 

Jake and I decided that AIAA is the route for us!  We can't wait to see our little girl.  I think often about our little girl, and wonder if she is born yet!  I often find myself browsing through the girl department at stores and can't wait to buy all the cute little outfits.  (anyone else agree that boy clothes aren't as cute????)

Anyways...we have decided to stay on track with  AIAA.  We are in the final debate over what to do about raising the rest of the funds.  We trust that God will make a way.  We know that it will happen soon.  We are actively looking for the right option, just haven't picked one yet!  Stay tuned!

As for Jack, we took his pacifier away today!  It happened out of necessity, but we are going to keep it up!  It has to happen.  He is 2.5 years old, and we are going to put him into a preschool starting next week.  I want it to happen before he starts.  Today our neighbors, Brad and Jenny, came over for dinner.  Jenny is due to have a little girl in February and we talked with Jack about giving Jenny's baby his pacifiers when she comes out of her mommy's belly.  Jack said yes!  This is the first time he has agreed to let go of his pacifiers!  Then...bedtime came and I couldn't find a paci anywhere.  So, we "gave" them all to Jenny's baby.  When I put Jack to bed, he cried for at least 30 minutes!  But he went to sleep, and he will get used to it.  It broke my heart, but had to happen.  YIKES!

Big Day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cutest Boy Singing...hehe!

So Jack has learned a few songs from my Ipod...not sure what I should think about this song, but oh well!  He is the cutest kid ever.  I think this video warrants a You Tube showing!

balls, pins and marching bands...

Scott was rockin it out in a marching band with Jack!  It has to be Jack's favorite thing to do these days. Jake and I have to march in a parade a few times a day.  Scott and Steven stopped in for a visit on their way back to college in Oklahoma.  They attend Oral Roberts University.  They are twins, and I struggle to tell them apart!

This is their buddy Matt, he hopped a ride from Michigan back to ORU.  He was also asked to march in the parade!

We took everyone Duckpin Bowling in Fountain is soooo much fun!  They gave Jack a lane of his own to play in.  He was so cute!

Rock Star In Training!

Music is in his blood!  He was crazy and loves to sing and dance.  He is destined to be rock star.  Look out he comes!  Maybe I should start his fan club now!

Playing Pool with Poppy!

Blue Chalk on his lips from playing pool with Poppy!  Jack loves to play pool with Poppy! He played all the time!

Random Michigan Pictures

Jack was determined to get this little helmet to fit him!  He tried multiple times, and he got so upset when it didn't work!

We had the boys get a snowmobile helmet so he could wear a helmet.  It made him feel least for a little while. 

Uncle Adam and cute!

Uncle Adam rockin it out with Jack on his new guitar.

Uncle Virgil and Aunt Kate!

Jack and the boys chillin with him!

Bath Time In Michigan

Cousin Alexis gave me baths everyday while in Michigan...sometimes, more than once a day!  She bought him bath markers and Dora Bubbles!

Cutest boy in the bathtub...EVER!

Christmas Morning...Gifts!

This was by far Jack's favorite gift!  He loved it!  I know, a 2 year old with a real guitar...why not?!?

His Cousin Nick is his hero, he plays basketball and football. (Uncle Virgil held him up for the photo)!

He's going to be a rockstar...he loves everything music!  He is obsessed with marching in parades now!

He also got a drum, and he plays it all the time too!