Friday, June 12, 2009

Adoption Update

Well, the adoption didn't take place. The birthmother changed her mind about putting her baby up for adoption right at the time of her due date. She didn't tell us, our social worker or attorney about her decision. We figure she had the baby two weeks ago, but she hasn't had any communication with us. She went into the hospital as a non-public patient so we didn't know she was there apparently. We aren't sure what happened exactly, or why she won't contact us back. It is the weirdest situation to sit with someone who swears that she's given her baby up for adoption to you in 2 weeks and then she vanishes. No contact what so ever!

That said, it is what it is. We believe our family is going to grow regardless and look forward the process. It was a devastation at first, but as time passes we have decided to push forward and research our options. I'll keep ya posted, but nothing in our immediate future right now is scheduled for our family. God has a way of doing things His own way and timing...not ours:)