Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet Linda..the widow for our Both Hands Project

Linda is 58 years old, and enjoys life. She is very active at the John Boner Senior Center. She enjoys doing puzzles and playing bingo with other seniors at the center. She enjoys the activities, but her favorite part of attending the Senior Center is being with other people. Her and husband Richard never had any children, and all of their parents and siblings have passed away. In November of 2009, Richard passed away after having a heart attack.

Since then, Linda was forced to move out of her home until it was up to living condition again. She has since received assistance with emptying items out of her home, and she received a grant to assist her with the plumbing and electrical work. Now it's our turn to help. She needs 2 windows replaced and a new back door hung. Her home could also use a DEEP cleaning and painting all the interior rooms! It's a lot to undertake, so we made this a two-day project instead of 1. We have enjoyed getting to know Linda and feel that our friendship with her will continue well past this project!

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