Friday, August 29, 2008

No news can sometimes be good news

Cute Pix of Jack...had to share!  He wanted the mask at the store, so daddy bought it!

We are waiting for our formal application from AIAA, it takes up to a month to receive it.  It's kind of weird waiting for so long for an application, but it's part of the process.  I guess we should expect wait times longer than we expect from the beginning and then we will be happy if things move quicker than we hope!

This is this first step on a long road of waits.  I haven't had a lot of time to even think about the adoption this week with work being so busy.  I will post photos of the Elite event last night at Hoosier Park soon.  They are one of my fantastic clients!  They are a horse racing facility and casino located in Anderson, IN.  They hire me to book entertainment and family friendly activities. 

I hope to have fundraiser items on the blog soon, so stay tuned for more information!  Anyone have any great ideas to add to my fundraiser list?  I am looking for unique things to raise money.  Share...please...Share!

Glad it's Friday, but work isn't over for the weekend!  I hope everyone finds time to enjoy their holiday weekend!  I will share details about mine in a few!



Monday, August 25, 2008

AIAA...Good News Today!

I spoke with Tammy at AIAA (Americans for International Aid and Adoption) today, and she was REALLY helpful!  She answered a lot of my questions, and I am very confident that we will be able to get into their Korean program without any problem!

We are registering to adopt a kiddo with minor/correctable needs.  It really breaks my heart to think that Jackson would have been put on a list of kids that may or may not have been adopted.  With his medical history, most ppl would have passed him up quickly!  I can't imagine that happening.

Jake has a birthmark under his eye, it's crazy to think that in some countries that would make him special needs!?!  With AIAA, we can adopt from Korea and request a little girl!  It is our preference, but we didn't think we would have an option until now.  If you have a child  or children of one gender, you can request the opposite gender only.  

After searching a lot of blogs and forums regarding AIAA, I haven't found anything negative about them.  I have found a ton of wonderful things about them, and many ppl who have used them in the past.  

Last year they placed 60+ kids from Korea.  We can use Jill for our homestudy as well!  This is great news for a few reasons...she has done homestudies for other families we know, she is WAY less expensive and fantastic (I've heard)!

We could have a kiddo home in a year, a little more or a less...not really sure.  The agency in Korea will send us a referral based on our homestudy.  Since we are open to a kiddo with different minor/correctable needs, I was told it could be less time.  I have a little more confidence in the process now:)  I feel like we are on a positive road. 

It's a good day in adoption land!

As for the fam...Jack is hysterical!  He LOVES to sing, dance and play his boom boom(guitar).  He now does hand signals to songs...CRACK me up.  He won't do them unless everyone around him is doing them.  Have you ever seen a room full of people do hand gestures to a goofy kids song, just so a kid will do them?  Love it!

Life is good!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My first post...big the entire thing!

Well...Hello!  Let me begin by saying Hi and Welcome!  I hope you will come back often, and you take interest in my thoughts.  My reason for starting this blog is to share my life and journey with everyone I care about and to meet new people who have similar things in life.  

This first post should have a little about my fam and where we are heading!  My honey Jake is really my best friend in life.  We have been married for 6 years, and we wish there were a few more hours in a day so we could spend time together...or at least attempt it.  We are trying to sort through life and figure out what works for our family!  Jake currently works for Clarian Health, and is hoping to branch out on his own in the upcoming months!  All I can say is doing something with online marketing:)  We are both University of Indianapolis Alumni, and love the City of Indianapolis.  Jake is well rounded...he enjoys anything from skateboarding to fishing to riding dirt bikes.

Our kiddo Jack is our 2 year old social butterfly.  I often find myself thinking that we should get paid while shopping at local retailers, because he greets more people in the store than the actual employees.  He loves being outdoors and has to go on at least two walks everyday.  Shortly after he was born, he was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain hemorrhage.  That said, he is a miracle!  Today he struggles with a foot that isn't exactly straight, but his brace will hopefully take care of it.  He is also going to start speech therapy soon.  All in all, it is WAY better than we were told.  Jack is active, fun to be around and so smart!  

As for me, I started my own event management company in January.  Enjoy Events ( is the name, and it has been a huge success so far!  I am also part of a mom's group called SmartMommas ( who have been by my side since before I had Jack.  I love doing creative events, and hope to share cool things I get to do right here.  We also have an announcement to make:)

We are prego...while kind of...we are going to adopt!!!  We are on a waitlist right now with Bethany Christian Services, and have applied to AIAA.  We are pursing South Korea and don't have much of a choice since we are both only 26!  Who knew we weren't "capable" to be parents because of our age in some countries!!  Oh well, we will love a kiddo no matter where the place of origin.

Keep checking back, I am building up a list of companies that I can sell their products through my blog and get a % of the profit to go towards our adoption!  I am also putting together a fundraiser come back for more information and I hope that you will all take part!  If you own a company and would like me to add your product/service to help the adoption cause...let me know!  

Until the next post,