Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My thoughts are on Ethiopia today!

A lot has happened in the past two months...and we are basically done with our homestudy! I keep pushing myself to get the paperwork done and do whatever I have to do, to bring home our Princess!

We were given some crazy news last week about Ethiopia...they are slowing their International Adoption process down by 90%! What does that mean for our family? What does that mean for our friends who are also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia?

But the most important question...what are all the orphans going to do? I don't want our daughter to live in an orphanage any longer than she has to! Will they begin turning children away? This is now haunting me and all I can do is pray about it! It is so difficult to think about those who are in the process of getting ready to travel, and then being told...it's going to be a few more months! We are waiting on a response from Bethany, our adoption agency, on what our next steps are going to be. Please pray for the decision makers in Ethiopia to allow the children an opportunity to find Forever Families SOON!

Heartbreak.....Please Lord, bring our baby home!


Andrea said...

You all have been in my thoughts and prayers since I've heard this news.

The fact that the gov't is simply overlooking the true needs of orphaned children still has me shocked.

I don't why I'm shocked b/c I've seen it many times before in int'l adoption but Ethiopia really seemed to have their process "together" and alot of kiddos were getting out of orphanages and into loving arms...

I am keeping you my thoughts...Push through on the homestudy!!

(bleh to the paperwork! )


Joy said...

My prayer is that Ethiopia will open their program back up completely! Hopefully new staff will be just the thing to rock the boat again.

Until then...