Monday, September 29, 2008

Anderson Orchard with the Family

Anderson Orchard...who knew that by paying attention to the Llama farm, I would notice a sign for an apple orchard!!!  We have lived 10 minutes away from the orchard for almost 4 years!  Who knew????  Anyways...we went to the orchard with my parents and got some yummy treats!  Jack picked apples (well he also thought it was a good idea to eat them off the ground as well)!  It was a lot of fun, and it is a really cute orchard!

Apple Cider Slushie!!!!  Jack loved them!

Don't tell the orchard, but daddy and Jack climbed the tree for a moment to get a cute pix!

Grammy thought the orchard was fun, and acted like it was the first orchard she had visited.  Did I mention she brought us a homemade apple pie that was the best ever?!?  Jack has a distorted view of what apples are now:)

Jack's namesake...Papaw.  Jack has his middle name (Lewis).  My brothers all have the same middle name, and Jack has it too!

I'm glad my parents live close and help us out when we need it.  They watch Jack a lot to give us a break!  THANKS!

Have a Good Night!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Babysitters...Do you have them for your kiddos?

This is Paige...(jack's cousin) & she babysat for the first time last weekend!  They are two peas in a pod...they both rub things on their faces!  I wonder who taught Jack that????  For her first time officially babysitting...GOOD JOB PAIGE!

The "Twin Sitters" they are so cute, and tend to watch Jack together:)  Christa (on the left) is a friend of Ali's(on the right).  Ali is Jack's cousin (aka "Auntie Ali").  We have them over a lot!  They took Jack to get qdoba and ice cream this weekend when they babysat!  Good sitters!  They are sure to eat your ice cream, Oreo's and any other junk food, but they are the best sitters in town and they're teenagers so I guess it comes with the territory:)

Doesn't Jack look like he misses his mom and dad when they babysit?!?  They do such a good job...Thx Ali & Christa for keepin this boy in check!  Just think...soon their will be two kiddos to watch.  One for each of you!!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adoption Application was sent to us today!

Today I got an email from AIAA, and they finally mailed our formal application.  They said it was going to take a month, and it did!  I am so excited we can finally get the process started!!! YAY!

Once we fill out the formal application and pay the application fee, we will officially be accepted into the program.  I'm assuming that we will be accepted..."normal" and able to adopt. 

I mean, we should be accepted...I hope!

Here are some fun photos to keep you busy until I post again:) 

Jack and Uncle John playing guitar hero:

Jack Rockin Out Guitar Hero by himself:

Advanced Guitar Hero...hehe:

Jack wearing John's new Nike's:

Excited the process is moving along!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Red Bull Indianapolis Moto GP

Well, it's been a little while since I posted...there is a good reason!  The Moto GP race kicked my butt!  LONG hours, everyday but has it's payoffs when everything goes well!  The past few weeks were crazy, long, stressful and worth it!

Here are some photos from the Broad Ripple TNT event...I hope you like the event.  It took a lot of time, effort and planning.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nanny & Papaw in Brown County

Nanny and Papaw are big fans of Jack.  I think they were pretty stoked to be at the cabin, and spending time with us.

Uncle John & "Auntie" Ashlee in Brown County

Need I say more?  These photos are soooo cute!  John is my bro, he's 21.  He lives with us and goes to Ivy Tech.  He will be transferring to IUPUI in a pursue a Business Management degree.  John is Jack's favorite person...just ask Jack.  John has trained him to answer John when asked who is his favorite person:)  

Banana Pudding...Couldn't wait on a spoon!

What cute boys!

Aren't they cute?

More photos to come!

Labor Day Weekend

Daddy and Jack Attack (bed father, like son) enjoyed relaxing in their PJ's this weekend.

We made hobo's in the

 fire outside.  What are those 
you ask?  You take potatoes and slice them into thin slices, add cut up carrots, a little salt, pepper, butter, onions and a ground beef patty.  We use heavy weight foil, and wrap it all up together.  We made each per son a hobo, and I made banana pudding for a late night snack!

We really enjoyed going outside and sitting around the fireplace while the food cooked and just relaxed!  

Here are pictures of our cute!

We went swimming in a lake at a near by camp, and they had a rope swing, diving board, canoes and inner tubes.  Jack enjoyed playing in the water, and the adults loved playing on the rope swing.

We also went shopping in Nashville, IN.  The best thing we found...home made ice cream :)-  We took this trip because it was Jake's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Honey!

Stayed tuned for more photos!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Miracle Mile Parade

Joy, Jack, Grammy & Papaw at the Parade!

The Miracle Mile Parade was this past Saturday!  It is a parade to bring awareness to the Southside of Indianapolis and promote business on the Southside.  I also attend Gateway Business Brilliance luncheons.  They are the organization that coordinates the parade.  It was a fantastic parade, and Jake and I both volunteered for most of the day.  

Jake had the privilege of checking parade participants in, and directing them to the correct lot to line up.  I had traffic duty.  As the police funneled people on a closed street, I directed them to their destination...VIP parking, volunteer check-in, parade participant, etc.

The best part of it was Jack being at his first parade.  My parents came down to the parade with Jack, and we all got to watch it together.  I had to share photos of this great event:)

Jack watching the 
parade on my shoulders!

Watch tomorrow for pics from the weekend getaway with the family!